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Why choose us?

We're locals: Based in southern Tasmania, we are part of the Tasmanian business community and are always available. We are particularly interested in bringing 21st century web technology to rural and regional businesses.

Value for money: We don't have expensive, "big city" overheads to inflate our prices, yet our product is comparable - we use the same up to date technologies. We offer a wide range of choices: entry level sites for those on a tight budget to large commercial sites.

Customer Service:  We have a strong customer focus and offer a personalised service. We provide all the support and training you should expect. For example, all of our sites are designed to achieve optimal search engine ranking. We take the time to listen. We're even available until 8pm Thursdays - ph 03921 635

Expertise:  All staff hold a university degree and have a range of experience and expertise in industries beyond IT.

Up to date Technology:  Our professional practice includes adherence to the latest industry standards as set by the World Wide Web Consortium - W3C for the use of XHTML, XML, CSS etc. As browsers become more standards compliant (eg Internet Explorer 7 -> 8), your website is less likely to require 'tweeking".

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