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Design alterations:
(post development)

Each of our website "packages" includes a charge for developing the design for your site.

During the development phase, you will be asked to evaluate all aspects of site design. Finalisation will only occur after you accept the design.

We understand that as human beings, we sometimes change our minds, even after reaching a fully considered decision. In this event, we will happily re-design your site. However, since it means we have to repeat the design process, we unfortunately have to charge you for the extra time spent on re-design.

Content Management System (full)

 Joomla logo


Content Management System (limited)


E-commerce - large (incl. large multi level inventory, shopping cart + payment facility)


E-commerce - small (incl. less than 10 products/services, shopping cart + payment facilty)




Database (MySQL)
(included in price of E-commerce, CMS and Forum products)


Animated image
or text ("Flash")
min./typical cost


Web form


Additional pages (each)


Location map
("Google Map")


Design alterations (post development)


Site maintenance


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